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We are pleased to announce the establishment of

The Ruth Wohltjen Giving Society

Ruth Wohltjen, Lutheran Elementary School Principal from 1957 – 1994 gave her life to LES. She touched the lives of hundreds of students and is remembered fondly.

Ms. Wohltjen continues to care for LES and her students by remembering her estate planning. She believes that LES continues to care for, educate, and nurture the students at 440 Ovington Avenue, and that this must continue. We thank Ms. Wohltjen for her continued vision and leadership; we are blessed to name our planned giving society in her honor.

Linda Persson is already a member of The Ruth Wohltjen Giving Society. Why? She shared that, “LES has had a place in my heart since the day I graduated in 1965. Although I attended only three years, LES left me with a permanent love of education and spiritual guidance. Two of the things I treasure most were the every morning Bible lessons and Friday morning devotionals by Pastor Helmers at the church. Then returning to class to write a short summary of the sermon. I still have all of those summaries to this day and that is how much I treasured those devotionals. My only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to have my entire elementary education at LES. I want to support LES so other young people can grow and be educated in this beautiful spiritual environment.”

Are you a member of The Ruth Wohltjen Giving Society? Would you consider joining others who believe in LES? Enclosed you will find a membership form. If you have already remembered LES in your estate, we would like to thank you! Sharing this news with us does not require that you provide the specific amount of the designation. That is optional. We look forward to thanking you and recognizing your leadership today! If you would consider leaving part of your legacy to the students of LES, you will find the instructions on the membership form to share with your legal advisor.

Other questions? Please feel free to contact Signe Campbell at

To print a PDF of The Ruth Woltjen Giving Society membership acceptance form, click here.