“We searched the Bayridge neighborhood far and wide for a suitable Pre-School for our son and after settling on LES and starting school, we knew immediately that we had made the right choice. We wanted an intimate community setting, along with a school that shared our value system, with personable and loving staff members. Our son comes home gushing about his teachers and we are super excited about the amazing friends he has made in his class. You cant make a better choice than joining the Lutheran Elementary School family.”

“LES’ motto is ‘Like a Big Hug’ and it lives up to that every day. From Ms. Chris’ big smile and warm welcome in the morning to the ever-cheery after-school teachers, it is a compassionate community where every child is valued and cherished. It is impossible to put a price on the knowledge that your child doesn’t just like school but loves it and everyone in it.”

“As a new 2019-2020 LES family, I cannot say enough about the support we received from teachers, administration, and families within this community. Prior to the start of the school year, our family received a warm welcome and invitations to join the school community for a multitude of events. All at once, we had become valued members of LES. Engaging assignments, lively classroom discussions, creative and inspiring project work, dedicated and supportive staff, an unparalleled commitment to students and their academic success, and an education rooted in loving, inclusive Christian faith are all tenets of Lutheran Elementary School. We have embraced change, and LES has, in turn, embraced our family. We look forward to our continued journey in partnership and in faith.”

“We now have our second daughter in preschool at LES because we were so pleased with the experience of our first child. The preschool program at LES truly focuses on the emotional, social, and physical well-being of the child. Childhood is respected and honored at LES in a way that sets it apart from other preschool programs. We have never felt like the girls were being pushed beyond what was developmentally appropriate for them. They have been allowed to play and develop as people while they learned how to play with others, how to be a friend, how to wait in line, how to use their words, how to stand up for themselves, how to focus and work on tasks… All the preschool teachers know their names. We never feel like they are unseen or get lost in the shuffle. Their time in preschool was and continues to be joyful, and we know that our second child will not only leave preschool prepared for elementary school but with warm and happy memories of the path she took to get there.”

“LES embraces different learning styles and diversity of thought.  We have always been impressed with how the faculty makes it a priority to meet each child where they are at in the process of learning so they may reach their potential. We also appreciate how curiosity and creativity are encouraged across all academic disciplines to make learning exciting and to prepare students for the future.

Our son loves that he often feels like he is transported back in time or to a different world during Social Studies class. He would teach you about the important history of Ellis Island, how he got to be Thomas Jefferson for the second grade ‘Wax Museum’, and a spokesperson for Canada when the third grade invited parents to take a ‘Trip Around the World’. He also loves the LES Players, which he says is the BEST after school program around!  Since joining this theater company, we have seen tremendous growth in our son’s self-expression, communication skills and confidence. We’ve observed him embrace the hard work and discipline required to partake in putting on a great show! Most importantly, we have watched our son develop great empathy for others through the connections he has made with his fellow “Players” and the characters he has taken on over the past two years in the program.”

“Our kids just started at LES this year and we are so happy with how things are going.  The smaller school environment has provided them with an opportunity to breathe, ask questions and explore what they are learning.  We are also getting real time feedback on the kids’ academic performance and any issues that may need to be addressed.  We are so thankful and proud to be part of such a caring and supportive community.”