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Tuition Schedule

New Student Application Fee: $75

Registration Fee

  • New Students: $275
  • Returning Families: $150

Program Fee

  • Every Child $25
Grade Tuition
Half day Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten* $5,950
2 year program for full day nursery & Pre-k $13,500
Full day Nursery 6th - 8th Grade $7,200
6th - 8th Grade $7,300

**For nursery and pre-kindergarten families that enroll their child into our 2 year program you will be offered free enrollment into our afterschool program for both years.**

Discounted Categories

Multiple children in the same family Nursery - 5th Grade 6th - 8th Grade
2nd Child $6,500 $6,600
3rd Child $5,900 $6,000
4th Child $5,300 $5,400
Members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church** Nursery - 5th Grade 6th - 8th Grade
1st Child $6,575 $6,675
2nd Child $6,075 $6,075
3rd Child $5,375 $5,475

*There are no discounted tuitions for Half Day programs

**Family must be active, contributing members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church; children must be enrolled in and attend Bethlehem Lutheran Sunday School regularly.

Extra Morning Hours 7:00a.m. - 7:30a.m.
Daily $10
Monthly $125
After School Center Tuition
Monthly $400
Hourly Rate $15